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Romany Caravans

Further details pending, but this is a relatively recent ledge wagon, built on an older dray.

Currently undergoing some restoration, mainly re-roofing, it will be in excellent condition. Apart from the bed, we will be leaving the interior as a "blank canvas" for now.

The wagon is mounted on pneumatic artillery wheels, nicely shaped dray all in good condition and sound. Includes varnished shafts and steps on order.

Height Overall 9ft 3in (282cm), with the deck height as 2ft 10ins (87cm)

Width Overall 6ft 6ins (200cm), at the top.

Length Overall 11ft 5ins (348cm), excluding shafts.

Internal length 7ft 9ins (237cm), headroom 6ft (183cm). The bed measures 5ft 9ins long, 3ft 2ins (96cm) wide.

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