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Romany Caravans


Beautifully decorated bow top wagon, artillery wheels and queenie stove. New canvas and currently undergoing a light restoration.

The 6ft length bed will take a standard mattress size, and can extend out to 4ft width for a comfortable night's sleep.

There is adequate storage space for most things one needs in a wagon, in addition to the large space under the bed.

Mounted on "artillery wheels", probably the pressed steel ones made for the Morris Cowley Bullnose, circa 1925-30. These are three stud 19" wheels with ribbed tyres.

The fitted queenie stove burns smokeless pellets (£3.99 for 10 Kg at Aldi). We find this is enough for 3 or 4 evenings heat on even the coldest nights.

Height 9ft 1in (278cm)

Length 10ft 4in (315cm)

Width 6ft 2in (188cm)

Headroom 6ft 2in

Bed Length 6ft, Width 32 opening out to 48 inches.

Price and Delivery


Delivery £2 per mile from Chirbury, Shropshire SY15 6BH

Email sally@sallysrockinghorses.com or Phone (01938) 561363 (Office Hours)

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