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Romany Caravans


This is a stunning ledge wagon. Like many it is of indeterminate age, parts of the dray may have a prior history though we think the ledge itself possibly dates to the 60/70s. Extensively rebuilt in 1990 with all internal fittings as seen. All in excellent condition.

The interior is cosy and inviting with a spacious bed compartment, a slightly smaller one underneath is ideal for children.

Although generally sound and in good condition, the exterior has suffered from the elements over the last 30 years. Two wheels are currently undergoing refurbishment and the paintwork generally is in need of sanding down and repainting. There is also some dormant woodworm damage to parts of the dray, currently being treated with replacement as needed, mainly on the fifth wheel.

This is a heavy and substantive wagon, possibly a little heavy for a horse. There is no suspension, which actually makes it better for static use. The listed price is for the wagon "as is", with the wheel repairs and one or two exterior boards replaced or repaired as required. We hope to get the base paint done before winter sets in.

Although this is already a stunning wagon, it has enormous potential to be better and is worth the investment. For example having detailed decorative paintwork added or having the side boards on the deck carved out with decorative scroll work and painting. The styling is impressive with the ends raking out over the wagon ends, adding to the feeling of space inside.


Length of wagon 11ft 11ins. ( 13ft 10ins at roof)

Width 5ft 4ins. (7ft 2in at roof)

Height 10ft 5ins. (Deck Height 3ft 8ins, Headroom 6ft 3ins.)

Wheel diameters, 31ins front, 40" back. Both 12 spoke.

Internal (@ Floor Level) length 9ft 11in, width 5ft 3ins.

Bed 5ft 9ins by 3ft 3ins. Under bed 5ft 3ins by 3ft 3ins.

Price and Delivery


Delivery £2 per mile from Shropshire (SY15 6BH).
Email sally@sallysrockinghorses.com or Phone (01938) 561363 (Office Hours)

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